You may wonder… Why Gage Roads Marine?

Well, once you know it will make a lot of sense. 

Gage Roads is the name of the outer part of the Fremantle Harbour. It is located offshore of the western australian town, in the Indian Ocean.
Gage Roads represents the ocean area between Rottnest Island and Fremantle and is locally famous.

What is it for? You may ask. 

Well, what a great question. Gage Roads is an anchorage point for incoming or outcoming traffic into the Fremantle Harbour. Indeed, this deep channel is the perfect spot for the immense shipping boats to anchor. Up to 10 large ships can be anchored, awaiting their approval to enter the Fremantle seaport. While for bigger boats, which would be unable to enter the Fremantle port, they are required to anchor at Gage Roads and use drafts or smaller boats to join the coast. 

Now why is it called Gage Roads? Well it comes from the name of William Hall Gage, the Royal Navy Commander-in-Chief who discovered the area in 1826. 

The deep water channel is famous in the area and our favourite beverage served by Gage Roads Brewery is also named in honour of Gage Roads. That’s pretty cool, huh? 

Plus, as our office is located right in front of Gage Roads, we really thought this name was a great idea. Actually, when you think about it, it’s the perfect match. 

Countless are the times you will admire a sunset in Freo, looking at those big ships loaded with hundreds of containers pass through, right in front of this bright orange sun with some pink clouds on the side. Amazingly beautiful!

We are proud to carry this piece of local history by our sides and in our company name. Like the saying says “wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”.
And we couldn’t be prouder to operate in the paradise that is Fremantle.

Learn more about the Gage Roads Marine team and about our business history here.