Aqua Base watermakers Perth

Install any Aqua Base Watermaker on your boat within the Perth region.

Turn sea water into freshwater with one of our Aqua Base watermakers.

One of the best invention ever, right? You won’t need to stop at marinas to refill your water tanks, you won’t have to have that extra weight added to your boat making you consume more fuel… and there are a lot of options to install the perfect one on your boat. Got a small boat and your only power option is a battery? There is a watermaker for you. Got a yacht with a power generator? Too easy, Aqua Base has got the perfect watermaker, and we can install it for you.

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If you are wondering about the cost of a watermaker, it can vary depending on the range and options you chose. We provide all sorts of Aqua Base watermakers and we can make it fit to your boat like a glove. We are able to offer you the whole selection of Aqua Base watermakers for sale. If you are looking for a 12 volt marine watermaker, or any type of watermaker for boat, just get in touch and we can discuss together the best option to create freshwater onboard. This service is available in Perth and surroundings.