MPS cathodic bonding systems

Cathodic Bonding Systems in Perth.

Gage Roads Marine installs and sells the MPS Cathodic Bonding Systems to protect your boat from corrosion. 

MPS specialty corrosion protection products include the Electrolysis Blocker™, Maddox™ anodes and the unique Shaft Grounding Strap.
They are all available to purchase at Gage Roads Marine

The MPS products

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Most marinas these days require an Electrolysis Blocker to protect your boat and others from corrosion. Here at Gage Roads Marine, we can install a cathodic protection system anywhere within the Perth region. We sell MPS products such as the Maddox anode, the Galvanic Isolator and the Shaft grounding strap. Get in touch to fix any corrosion problem on your boat